What is NPTEL? Do certificates from NPTEL courses hold any value?

What is NPTEL? Full form of NPTEL? Does NPTEL provide a certificate? Is the NPTEL certificate free? What is the use of the NPTEL certificate? How to get NPTEL certificate?

If you want to get a certificate from India’s top government institutions like IITs and IISc, by getting an online course free, then today’s article is for you. Here is the complete information on the National Program on Technology Enhanced Learning i.e. NPTEL. 

What is NPTEL? Full form of NPTEL? Does NPTEL provide a certificate? Is the NPTEL certificate free? What is the use of the NPTEL certificate? How to get NPTEL certificate? All these things you will know in this article.


The full form of NPTEL is the National Program on Technology Enhanced Learning which is a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) platform of the Government of India.
This is being implemented by the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore in collaboration with seven Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs), (IIT Bombay, Delhi, Kanpur, Kharagpur, Madras, Guwahati, and Roorkee).
In the early phase (2003), it consists of five core subjects i.e. Civil, Computer Science, Electrical, Electronics, and Communication, and Mechanical as well as core science programs, which are required to be read by an engineering student, more than 100 webs or Lecture is recorded in the video format, which anyone can access from anywhere through the internet.
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At present, over 600+ video courses in NPTEL online courses are available in various science and technical branches. All these courses are absolutely free, which anybody can do. But a college student can get a certificate by paying a nominal fee and passing the exam.

“It is now possible for ANYONE outside the IIT System to be able to do an online certification course from NPTEL and get a certificate from the IITs. IITs are reaching out and taking education to the homes of people through this initiative.” 

From that quote written on the website of NPTEL, you can understand that you are now able to get the certificate of IIT by doing an online course through NPTEL without any enrollment in the institute.

And, one of the most noteworthy things is that NPTEL is currently a partnership with more than 1900 colleges and companies from where you can do workshops, internships, etc.

What are the benefits of NPTEL courses and certificates?

Here are the most important benefits of NPTEL online courses and certificates-
  • Unlike other popular MOOC platforms like SWAYAM, the online courses being provided by NPTEL include all of the engineering topics (Biotechnology, Ocean Engineering, Metallurgical Sciences, etc.), including a very popular course such as Computer Science Engineering or Electrical Engineering.
  • The quality of NPTEL’s curriculum content is exactly what is taught at IIT, which will create solid knowledge and understanding for any student. These courses will also help prepare candidates for entrance exams for higher technical education.
  • NPTEL also has courses on Current and Cutting Edge Technology, which will improve the employment potential of candidates in the technical field, such as – Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Data Analytics, and Machine Learning, MIMO / OFDM Cellular and Sensor Networks, etc.
  • NPTEL also has courses in the non-technical field, such as management courses. People who want to the betterment or improve their management skills, they have many popular management courses or other non-technical courses such as – Six Sigma, Educational Leadership, Introduction to Psychology, E-Business, Project Management for Managers, History of English Language and Literature, etc.
  • NPTEL’s curriculum enables the student to engage and learn directly from the best faculty of the country in that special subject. This strengthens the student’s fundamentals in the course.
  • NPTEL Online Courses offers students the opportunity to explore new areas of interest – which are not possible in regular college environments. At the same time gives students the opportunity to learn more deeply about the subjects they want to master. These courses are also working as faculty development programs. Currently, 15 to 20 percent of enrollment is being taken by the faculty of different colleges.
  • The MOOC program includes students from the corners of the country. Some are foreign students too. Among the many different classmates, NPTEL gives students the opportunity to assess where they stand in relation to this group of learners.
  • NPTEL Online Courses also introduce students’ self-learning initiatives – where they have their own motivation that inspires them to complete the curriculum and not the external obligation. It promotes the habit of keeping themselves updated with self-study.
  • Certificate of NPTEL Online Course is sealed with the stamp of CCE and IIT, when a candidate applying for a job, this NPTEL certificate gives additional value to him. This is the main advantage of NPTEL certification.
  • Companies are more preferential to candidates with special skills – if they want to recruit. And, NPTEL’s certificate helps you more.
  • From the session of July 2019 and onwards all NPTEL courses can be accessed from the SWAYAM portal. SWAYAM certificate has the same value as the NPTEL certificate. Read also this article- How to register and study on the SWAYAM portal?

How to get NPTEL certificate?

NPTEL started the initiative to provide the certificate to students for the courses in March 2014. The process of certification is as follows:
  1. NPTEL Online Courses have been uploaded on the portal of NPTEL. First, you have to enroll in it which is absolutely free.
  2. Every week, nearly 3 hours of video content is released with an assignment, which is evaluated and gives the student points.
  3. Teaching Assistant (TAs) and Faculty members support the discussion forum, which helps answer your questions and overcome doubts.
  4. If you want to get the certificate from IIT / IISc after doing the course, you will have to register for the in-person proctored certification exam. This test operates with the participation of about 100 institutions across the country. Certification is not free, But you have to pay a nominal fee of Rs 1100.
  5. The final score includes 25 percent of assignments and 75 percent theory marks. You must have at least 40 percent final marks to get the certificate. After passing the examination, e-verifiable certificates will be uploaded on the website of NPTEL which can be downloaded. A hard copy is also sent to you.
  6. The utility of these certificates is considered to use for credit transfer in universities or to make the student more employable or to increase their growth in their current workplace.
  7. SWAYAM and NPTEL certificate provides additional value in your career.

The final word for NPTEL

One of the basic objectives of NPTEL is to bring all the best teachers in the country under the umbrella of NPTEL and to collaborate with IITs and IISc to record the lecture and make their courses available to the communities of the country under the agreement of the free and open source. There is already an important step to create open virtual laboratories on the Internet for engineering topics initiated by IIT Delhi, which is very important for our country.
Another primary purpose is to build strong relationships with leading academic initiatives around the world, such as MIT OCW, Commonwealth of Learning, British Open University, Australian Open Universities, etc.
In addition to this, learning and developing the development of new technologies in collaboration with industries are also their main objective.
IITs and IISc should move towards the challenge of unprecedented and rapid economic development and the opportunities for providing globalization of the pool of scientific and technical talent in India.
So, we hope that you will like this article related to the value of the SWAYAM and NPTEL certificate and  “free online courses”. You may ask any question related to NPTEL in the comment box as well as share this article with other friends.

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