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Shipments are usually transported through the modes of air, train, truckload, LTL, and ocean. E-commerce has been growing tremendously in recent years. Businesses that work remotely can efficiently control the shipments domestically and globally with eCommerce shipping solutions.

eCommerce software solutions cater to the common goal of both the business and the customers; shipment tracking. Statistical reports state that over sixty percent of customer retention provides convenient delivery options. Other benefits to the companies include an increase in accountability and productivity.

There are many types of e-commerce solutions, and the popular types include logistics tracking, transportation tracking, and last-mile tracking. The growing software solutions market offers several options to choose from; however, it is essential to select the best shipping platform to have a hassle-free shipping experience.

The best shipping solution for eCommerce tends to become a success factor for any business by providing benefits such as reducing shipping costs and improving compliance.



Freight delivery takes considerable time to be completed, and during this time, the sender/ receiver would contact the shipping solution for a variety of queries. Organizations usually provide AI chatbots on the website to solve questions; however, customers might prefer having human interaction for accurate responses.

Thus, the customer service should have sufficient information and patience to answer the queries. Statistically, customers value customer service based on responsiveness and effective problem-solving mechanisms. It is beneficial to interact with the customer service before choosing the best shipping solution for eCommerce.


Shipping platforms have standard pricing calculations based on the factors such as distance, mode of transportation, and speed of the vehicle. The pricing should be on par with the market pricing trends and the quality of the service.

If the pricing is extremely low, it is beneficial to verify with past customers. Checking the reviews and discussions on consumer complaint forums is one of the authentic ways to know the service quality of the platforms with low pricing.

Shipping platforms with authenticity and recognition have advanced collection systems such as collection points and lockers. Regular discounts are a sign that the service is popular in the region.


Authentic shipping platforms have a transparent return policy system; few organizations offer free returns, few organizations charge a minimal fee, and many organizations have zero return policy. Based on the affordability, businesses choose eCommerce shipping solutions.

Few organizations provide a unique feature to analyze the return statistics of the business; this lets eCommerce understand the issues associated with the product delivery and enables them to improve accordingly.


Shipping platforms have different logistics capabilities. By knowing the capabilities and limitations of the service provider, it is easier for businesses to analyze both the short-term and long-term requirements; the estimation of EDI capability would prove fruitful in the analysis. Other analysis questions include:

  • Are the lanes repetitive?
  • How many consignees are there?
  • Whether the shipments require drop trailers?
  • Are the routes standard or dynamic?
  • What is the possible expansion of the service within one or two years?


E-commerce solution providers are becoming an integral part of businesses due to their bulk delivery capabilities, cheaper delivery pricing, regular discounts, and handy tracking systems. The market sees new solution providers almost every day; thus, choosing an authentic platform that serves the organization’s requirements is essential.

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