Putlocker Movie Alternative Sites in 2021 to Stream Movies Free

Putlocker Movie Alternative Sites in 2021 to Stream Movies Free

Guys, it is very obvious that all of us love watching videos online on websites. Few are using laptops, and few use the smartphone to watch video streaming in high quality. Mostly, all the online websites charge a subscription fee for video. There is one site that offers you entire content to let you watch a movie for free that is called the Putlocker site.

Firstly, a large number of users enjoyed this website in the UK in 2012. You can also search for legal alternatives on Putlocker. Are you a movie lover? Or are you a TV show lover? Who loves to watch everything on your smartphone; Putlocker makes it easy for those.

It saves your valuable time with his fast speed and high-quality resolution of series. Online streaming is very popular and good nowadays.

Putlocker provides you vivid and amazing HD quality that a DVD cannot.  If you have a wifi connection and unlimited internet, you can watch the series. You can choose series and shows based on your interest, such as romance, comedy, education, and action.  The people in the modern era are so much busy, and they don’t have time to watch TV.

When they have time, they just open any video streaming site and watch their favorite shows online.  There are mostly free alternative or streaming sites to Putlocker, but two sites like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video offer only paid subscriptions to watch series. One of the advantages is that alternatives sites offer great quality images and videos with very good speed.

Whether you are at a friend’s home, your own home, and anywhere, you can watch videos and serials with your comfort. It is very good to watch online without ads, but you first need to make sure whatever you are watching on that site, is that legal? Is that website safe?

The main advantage of Putlocker sites is you can watch anything, anytime, and anywhere.  Seven days and 24 hours, these video streaming sites offer services up to you.  Let me describe to you that you are going to watch a movie or show online; this is very important to download antivirus before doing anything. That antivirus software must be reliable so that it will keep your data safe from harmful viruses and malware.

Putlocker for video streaming?

Putlocker has become the widely used website for streaming entertainment such as web series, TV shows, and movies. Yes, this is a famous website among users as it provides you fresh content. It is the only one-stop solution for your all desire to watch online for free.

To access the content online on this website is very easy. Nothing could be the best destination than Putlocker than its competitors.  By the way, Putlocker has been shut down already.

It is sure that all the interested users may know that the Putlocker website is already banned by government officials. That will mean if any person is using or accessing the website then the person will be liable for the punishment to use or access the banned website in an illegal manner.

There are so many people who are finding new ways to access the Putlocker website. But you all should remember that accessing pirated or illegal websites are prohibited by the government. So most users are now directing to use some similar and alternative websites to Putlocker for downloading movies.

You can download or watch videos from similar sites. Here are various online streaming websites and Putlocker alternatives in 2021 such as-

  • Popcornflix
  • Los Movies
  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • 123movies
  • MovieWatcher
  • SolarMovie
  • FMovies
  • Cmovies

We are sure that all of these above-mentioned alternative websites will be useful and helpful for our readers. The only thing that they will have to do is go through any of the alternative websites. Also, it will be possible to download numerous movies or web shows easily and quickly from websites like Putlocker.

Let us now have some glimpses of what the alternative websites will offer their users. Not only you will find that the below-given websites are more similar to Putlocker but also you are going to find related entertainment content to download from the website.


Popcornflix is one of the most used stream platforms and known for providing the best content free of cost. This website is used based on that separates content in a user-friendly way for the latest movies and shows. Also, this website lets you watch high-quality content with each category.

Due to its category issues, it may be a little difficult for new users to use and find a suggested category. The menu of the website is divided into many sections in the form of Action Movies, Horror Movies, 2018 Movies, 2019 Movies, 2020, and 2021 Movies. By the way, there are fewer categories that are why it is necessary to add more categories like love, action, comedy, and many more.

The clean background of the website attracts you, and options are easy to find; the user can reach the show streaming in a few clicks. You will find various options here; you can download anything at high speed as well. Movies are available in their real language, no copied language or dubbing is there.

This is the place where you download without any charge of the subscription fee. Putlocker is considered the top alternative to Putlocker because its library is too full of classic or old movies. The important thing is that you don’t need to sign up or create your account to play Porcornflix. It suits Laptops, smartphones, and the iPhone.

Los movies-

Los Movies is counted in top online streaming lists; it is a huge collection of series, shows, and new movies in original form. Everything is upfront on this website; everyone can get the options easily.

Also, you can use filters here to find movies with the help of featured, release date, date, ratings, and latest shows. It contains a large list of genres as well as a favorite collection where you can add your favorite shows and series. Unlike Popcornflix, here you will have to sign up and login; yes, you have to create your account. Without creating an account in Los Movies, you are unable to use it.

By filling up your email address, you can make your account, but your need to make sure that your email id should be active. Surely, you will love this place as well as enjoy the quality of content.

In the HD TV era, Los Movie allows you to watch your favorite show in HD resolution without any fee. There is a set of Arabic, Korean, and Swedish movies. Apart from that, all the contents are available in different languages. This amazing site works well in online streaming.


A very first and secure Putlocker alternative is Netflix. Millions of subscribers are there available on Netflix. TV shows, as well as the latest movie, you can get here for the first time. With its HD resolution and awesome content, it has been the No. 1 Putlocker streaming site.

Not only Bollywood but also Hollywood movies such as Mowgli and Avengers are available too. It charges for the subscription. Its ads are free, but no series are free on this site; you have to pay the subscription fee for watching the shows.

Amazon Prime Video-

The richest alternative of Putcloker is Amazon prime Video. It is a big collection of movies and shows that are available in every language. People are majorly watching series and movies with exclusive content and good speed. To watch these, you have to take the subscription to Amazon prime Video. Apart from that, you can have a look for Amazon Music as well as Prime delivery at Amazon prime Video.


The well-divided categories or catalogs are making 123movies more trustworthy towards awesome content to watch.  123movies is majorly providing anime series, cartoons, and media. In case you want a Putlocker same as this, nothing is better than 123movies. With the white and green hues theme, it looks charming as well as makes it popular.

Having a good record of the content of entertainment shows, 12movies also keep your detail private and secure. On its homepage, you will get various content and menu like Episodes, anime, cartoons, and TV series. 123movies’s functions make your experience more comfortable. By using the filter button, the user can also filter here the choice of movie streaming.

When it comes to streaming services, 123movies always offers its users more than three-mirror links. There are lots of Putlocker sites, but only a few sites are safe who keeps in mind every user’s privacy and convenience.

It is rarely possible to watch movies without sign up, and 123movies allows you to watch shows with no sign-up. This site is a massive place of new shows and movies with no short of choice. That’s why 123movies comes under the well-managed site to Putlocker.

Its well-managed sections let you choose your choice based on the added list, playing list, name, and criteria. Even based on your history, you can find that series again what you watched previously.


When we talk about the best movie streaming site, we count some points like the top ranking site, well-organized sites, and user-friendly site. MovieWatcher is a well-known site that offers all these things with one solution and gives you the best subscription. This website is 100% secure and authentic to watch movies with HD quality.

The background of the website is clean and easy to access by the user. You can access all the content with high quality through the sections named Genres sections, name section, popular section, and year’s section. If you are a daily soap lover or TV serial lover, it has a different and separate section for TV serials.

In the movie area, you will certainly find movies from the era 2000 to 2021. If we discuss the quality content and streaming video service, MovieWatcher asks you to pay for this. Moreover, it will ask you to sign up with an email address to create an account on MovieWatcher.

The playlist is highlighted on this website so that you don’t face any issues while searching. Based on your choice, you have to search for years, genres, and the latest. Its home page takes you directly to the categorized page with the hosting of the latest and new movies or show.


Having a user-friendly interface, it permits a user to see the trending movie on the top with review and ratings. By the search of countries, the user can also find its beloved show as SolarMovie gives you a fine global touch to the site. For registered users, there is a request button to show and buy the favorite movie from the site.

This works as a nest Putlocker. With a load of content such as movies and shows, you will enjoy the unlimited experience of the latest entertainment. TV and movie genre sections will assist you with the high reach of ultimate shows.

Apart from that, the country section displays your movie streaming country wise. SolarMovie lets you download and watch Indian, Korean, and Asian series. Due to its quality service, the user will not face any network and streaming issues.

Like other websites, it also asks you to fill in an email address to create your account, and you can log in if you entered your data already.  Due to its superb performance and simple way to use, it always remains on the top list of video streaming sites. Its high interface response works well on both smartphones and laptops.


Maybe you did not hear about Fmovies, because it is new in the streaming globe. In a very short time, Fmovies got its fame due to its well-organized site and performance. It is similar to Putlocker; with a numerous set of content, Fmovies shares very interesting content day by day.

It updates its user’s every day with new and fresh movies that are free. You can subscribe to free or watch shows for a long time. With the dark theme in the background, it makes fonts very clear so that anyone can see. Also, you can open the host link that is available there.

A combination of different genres with the various shades of users and from the latest movie to Country region series, Fmovies is doing its job best to offer you a set of various tastes in one stop.

Fmovie is known as the leading online streaming website in the whole industry. Easy navigation and free movie website like Putlocker makes Fmovies the second-best streaming site. From browsing shows and movies to enjoy watching series free of cost is a good experience yet. In case, if you feel a little quality problem, you need to check your network, VPN as well.


Interesting content on nice alternative, you can only watch on CMovies. With the association of country, TV shows, genres, and movies; CMovies has broken all the records in HD streaming among its competitors. Finding better content with a finely user-friendly experience is beyond the word imperative. Believe it, you would not face even a congested and slow speed problem here. It is unbelievable to manage all the big data content at just a small storage place.

For every kind of TV show and movie, CMovies gives you an amazing view of movies. Every day update with the latest and trending shows makes it brighter than a TV with no hassle. CMovies is a huge database with hundreds of series, biography series, horror, comedy, action serial, and genres. People from various countries have it 5 out of 5 ratings as well as comments fine reviews. Sometimes, it is congested due to a lack of space, but it manages automatically in a few seconds.

MoviesJoy – lots of US content

There is no registration required if you’re streaming through this website. So users do not have to bother about subscriptions and registrations.

MolviesJoy has a searching bar at the top of its homepage so you easily find your favorite Tv shows and movies. Also, the site is updated regularly with new movies, tv shows, and new hits.

The interesting thing to know about this website is there are fewer advertisements as compared to other websites.

You can find tons of US content and you won’t find every international film and TV show on this website.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) related to Putlocker-

Q1. Is it secure to use Putlocker?

Ans. Dear, Putocker is a legal and very secure website with different mirror sites of video streaming. Putlocker is also known as one of the finest sources of promotion and advertisements.

To keep you account and detail safe, you always avoid clicking on unknown ads and strange or vulgar pop-up. So, don’t worry, Putlocker is a very safe site, but you also must know that Putlocker has a third party, it does not have any content to download or watch. Putlocker only shows data and lets the third party connected to itself, so there are few chances of malware data.

Q2. Does a VPN protect us while we use Putlocker?

Ans. It is. Doubtless, Putlocker is a trustworthy site. Usage of VPN ensures your security, as well as generates a legal and safe atmosphere while you are watching online streaming. VPN is known as a high encrypted device that generates traffic and tracks you’re all the activities you are performing online. That’s how a legal policy is helpful to do let anyone know about you and your data.

Q3. Where should we watch free movies online?

Ans. There are more sites that offer free online movie streaming, and Putlocker lets you have fun without any expansion of money. Putlocker deals with the third party where you get movie and video streaming; you just need to have good internet and the best streaming website.

Q4. Which movies can we watch on Putlocker?

Ans. Putlocker hosts a bunch of the latest TV serials and movies. All types of movies, such as comedy, action, and romantic you can watch. You have to know how you can use it because Putlocker lets you watch movies by its filter in the form of the latest released, last month released, most viewed, popular, last added, and favorite movies. From classic to modern age people’s serials and movies, Putlocker provides you.

Q5. What kind of precautions do we need to take before using Putlocker?

Ans. The important this about the precautions is you should use less VPN (a virtual private network), while you are going to use Putlocker.  This is the best way so that your private details such as IP address, may hide as well as it encrypts traffic between websites and laptops. Antivirus software usage would be a good option when you visit the Putlocker.

Q6. How the Putlocker works?

Ans. Putlocker is a video streaming website based in America. It gathers all the new collections of movies and uploads as soon as possible that why it is the trending site and always stays on top. Apart from that, it displays sponsored ads and paid promotions.

Q7. Why is Putlocker unable to open?

Ans. As we all know, Putlocker is now a common streaming website. Millions of users visit day by day on this site. Even though this site is banned or blocked by the international region regarding piracy issues but nearly all customers who don’t know about this always try to open it, and this website shows it is not working. But if they enter their detail nation wise, the site will be open if their nation has not blocked it yet.

Q8. Can I not share videos with friends on social media, which I download from Putlocker?

Ans. Putlocker doesn’t allow you to share videos with your friends on social media. You are able to download and watch them on your smartphone. There is no allowance to share videos with anyone publically.

Q9. Is it not legal to download videos from Putlocker?

Ans. We are asked this question many times, let me tell you that it always depends on the video that you are going to download. If you are downloading any video and the video is already copyright, surely, it will ask you for authorization. Legal or illegal depends on the content of the video.

Q10. Videos downloader is successful in saving the video?

Ans. The video you download from video download has now its copy saved. The video you download is itself a copy.

Q11. Is there any new website for Putlocker?

Ans. Guys, Original Putlcoker had been shut down. Few sites are that are operating in a similar way to Putlocker. It may be possible that if you dig enough over the internet then you will find the exact website like Putlocker.

But you need to keep in mind that the original website of Putlocker was shut down by the government officials. Still, there are so many websites similar to Putlocker that can offer you the same entertainment content and quality that you will surely love to get from the website.

Q12. How can we unblock Pulocker?

Ans. If you are unable to unblock Putlocker, you can use Virtual Private Network or VPN. Apart from that, there are various mirror sites to unblock Putlocker.

Which points convince a user to choose Putlocker?

Putlocker is related to the film industry and piracy streaming websites. There are all regions’ movies available like Tamil, Telugu, Bollywood, and Hollywood. It is one of the torrent globe websites, every country is using it.

Producers use this site for launching their series and movies in HD print. As it is a torrent website, it lost rise throughout the last few years. Putlocker recently leaked some films from India; it shows the best of Bollywood blockbuster films that have launched in India. With the huge variety of Indian films, it guarantees its users convenience and comfy to observe a movie.

Due to pirated sites, few other websites have been replaced to take the place of Putlocker. But Putlocker always provides us latest and fresh content so none of the websites can take its place. Putlocker is significant just because it offers users to watch shows free of cost.

A large number of site visitors can never fade the fame of Putlocker. That’s why people from the entire region still choose Putlocker. Thousands of counties operating on Putlocker with their languages; language is also not an issue on this site.

Let me tell you the language availability of Putlocker like Hindi, English, Spanish, German, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, and Japanese.

Due to its all the time activeness, Putlocker is very common. From teenagers to adolescence, everyone is aware of this video streaming website. This is the platform where each released and launched new series is uploaded very firstly. You don’t have to waste your time on various unknown sites.

here, you get all the details very firstly. We can say, this wonderful website showing us the second page of the film industry. As it is a torrent website, you all able to browse it through your VPN.

Moreover, Putlocker has more than hundreds of pages on Google and has large storage. The access to Putlocker depends on your country; if you are residing in a legal country that supports Putlocker, you will be able to access this. Otherwise, it will show you that the site is unable to open.

How to download videos from Putlocker?

There are few best steps by following them you can simply download videos from Putlocker lets have a look at those steps below-

  1. Using iTube HD video downloader, you can download Putlocker videos-
  • First, you have to visit the putlocker.is
  • There you get the videos, to download the videos, you will have to copy the URL or link from the address bar.
  • Now, open the iTube HD video downloader and paste that URL or link on the URL button.
  • After this process, the program starts to detect URL show you that video resolution before downloading.
  • Now, you can select the resolution in which you want to download the file.
  • When you click on the download button, it will download
  1. Download online video from Putlocker-
  • Visit the putlocker.is and search for the video you want to download
  • Just copy the given link from the address bar
  • Open DoVideo downloader and paste the copied link into the address URL
  • Now click on the download button as well as choose the resolution if there is an option
  • There will see a box of the download list if you use Firefox browser then you can download that file straight forward
  1. With the help of an iTube extension downloader, you can download videos of Putlocker-
  • Open iTunes HD video extension downloader
  • Search for Setting then go for Preference and then find Extension
  • Now you will see an install button, from where you have to download videos
  • When you installed the iTube extension downloader, you have to visit putlocker.is and search the video you are looking for
  • Somewhere, you will see a download button
  • Press on the download button and the video will be starting download from putlocker.is instantly

Let me tell you, downloading Putlocker videos is easy. You can access it from anywhere; there are more than 10,000 websites that also convert video format. These websites let you download more than 900 videos simultaneously or at the same time in bulk.

Apart from that, before downloading these videos, you can also check the quality or resolution, in which you always download videos. If you have a smartphone, you can start screen recording. It will be very helpful; if you are unable to download it from a video downloader, your screen recorder will do it.

Review for Putlocker video streaming site-

Nowadays, even kids are using media, and they also understand English well from English series. Lots of people download series from unauthenticated ad illegal sources. Everyone can find the show and movies on online apps as well as streaming websites. Few of Putlocker’s fake websites such as putlockers.I and putlocker.cr ask you to create a new account that takes on full screen as well as sometimes it asks for to download software.

Don’t worry, Putlocker is legal and safe because it has only copyright content on the website. Let it be clear that the original Putlocker has been shut down. If you want to download the series, you can download it from websites such as 123movies, CMovies, SolarMovies, FMovies, Megashare, YesMovies, Popcornflix, LosMovies, and Netflix.

On the other hand, Putlocker only displays your pop-ups, advertisements, and Links that create malware in between your laptop and site. Pop-up comes on the top to generate malware that affects your smartphone and computer, transfer viruses as well.

Sometimes, these sites direct you to international websites that ask you to download cryptocurrency and bitcoin so that they can earn. In case you download or click on ads, they start downloading and create malware, which slows down the performance. Although this process and copyrighting are based on your country, if you use antivirus software, you can escape your computer from viruses.

Putlockers performs well to offer a worldwide file hosting index for video streaming globally for media, serials, shows, and movies. Thousands of folks, including adolescence, youths, or teenagers, and young age kids visit daily on Putlocker site and download videos.

Apart from that, Putlocker’s similar sites are illegal, you can download videos from there, but it is fully illegal since it allows streaming movies and series without any granted of industry. Each alternative site of Putlocker is free except for two Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

And one more thing, we realized that Putlocker and similar streaming websites are not safe at all; these are full malware and various viruses. Moreover, 1337x is the well-known torrent site that is created based on the community that why it only lets you download free movies for the community.

On this site, folks visit and download torrent files. I am damn sure, and you are aware of Netflix; Netflix is the first legal and safe alternative to Putlocker. It is very famous for having fresh, Ultra HD quality, and good content. Amazon Prime Video is also popular to have a set of interesting and fresh content that is available in each language that you can select your country wise.

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