How to Pick the Right Consulting Partner for AWS

AWS or Amazon Web Services is one of the prominent Cloud computing platforms. It provides a Cloud ecosystem that comprises a database, storage, computing, content delivery, and networking to big organizations and individuals.

Currently, 6,500 government agencies use this Cloud computing platform. But to manage your Cloud infrastructure effectively, you need to work with a reliable AWS partner.

It’s best to always go in for an AWS consulting partner having expertise in Cloud solutions like web hosting and applications, cloud migration, disaster recovery, process automation, and support services.

A specialized consulting partner gives your business everything it will require to leverage AWS. Given below are some points to consider for finding the right consulting partner for your business.

Knowledge of Cloud

The foremost point you must consider while selecting your AWS partner is their expertise. They must be highly knowledgeable about the cloud they have. There’s no use in working with those who depend on conventional hardware to operate their products.

One of the ideal ways to judge the expertise is to consider the years of experience they possess with the cloud. You can go a step ahead and ask them to show their expertise in this domain. Further, inquire about scalability and automation to understand if they are experienced in delivering their offering.

Consider the Skills

Only if your prospective partner has complete control over the AWS system will they be able to attain the Cloud maturity level. Your partner should have full expertise in the AWS language.

They should also be aware of next-generation practices like DevOps, continuous integration, and automation. To determine your consulting partner’s maturity level, you need to find the skills they have.

Find the Experience

The partner you choose should be experienced in operating the cloud platform. Never work with someone who does not have adequate experience at their disposal. Go through their records so you can get a picture of whether they can fulfill the goals of your organization or not.

Some Questions to Answer

When choosing the right consulting partner, it’s important to have answers to a few questions. It would help if you had answers to the following questions.

  • What are your most important priorities?
  • What’s the nature of your business and its demands?
  • Are you willing to change to new technology?
  • Does cost saving matter to you?
  • Do you want to outsource or look for in-house resources?
  • Are you engaged with a continuous operation?

Types of AWS Partners

To find a suitable partner for your enterprise, you must know the types of these technology partners. It is essential to select a partner as per your unique business requirements.

  • Technology partners – They provide management products apart from Amazon APIs. Some of them will also give you the choice of bolt management over AWS cloud and cloud security.

Technology partners are further divided into standard, advanced, and registered partners. The AWS partner page can enable you to pick vendors as per particular guidelines like geographical locations.

  • Consulting partners – These refer to service firms that have real-world experience. They extend assistance with your customized project in the form of the conventional outsourcing model.

Thus, they help businesses of every size to build themselves better. A reliable AWS consulting partner has a dedicated team of AWS certified and trained resources.

So, such a partner can effectively tackle any challenges enterprises encounter on their AWS journey. Consulting partners are categorized into a registered, premier, and advanced standards according to their knowledge and experience.

Over half of businesses today have shifted to the Cloud platform. A suitable consulting partner makes this transition a hassle-free experience. The right partner will help you gain the maximum from AWS to attain your business’s growth goals.

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