How Cloud Hosting Services Can Help Your Business Website

For mission-critical websites that need to be available 24/7, cloud hosting is often the best solution. Whilst it may sometimes be possible to make a case for dedicated hosting services, for most use-case scenarios a cloud hosting service will be the right choice. If you are managing a commercial website and you are not sure why you should be considering cloud hosting solutions or what exactly they have to offer, this brief guide will tell you everything you need to know.

What can cloud hosting do for your organisation?

Although Australian cloud hosting services have been available for quite some time, many organisations have yet to take advantage of this advanced option. If you are still using dedicated hosting services for a large, commercial or public sector site, consider the following advantages that cloud hosting services have to offer:

  • Almost limitless scalability — A website that is hosted on a cloud network, a network that’s made of hundreds of thousands of servers in hundreds of data centres across the globe, can scale very easily to deal with rapid increases in traffic. Even the best dedicated hosting packages are no match for the volume of resources made available by the biggest public cloud platforms and the speed with which they can be deployed.
  • Increased uptime — There are many excellent shared, VPS and dedicated hosting solutions available today but in terms of guaranteed uptime, none of them can compete with cloud hosting services. Owing to the nature of a cloud network, the type of hardware failure that often takes down normal hosting services will not affect cloud hosting services: your website could be located on several different servers, in geographically diverse data centres. In the event of a server failure, automatic load balancing would simply shift your website HTTP requests to another server in the network.
  • Efficient disaster recovery — The fact your website and data may be hosted on multiple servers means that cloud hosting services have an inbuilt advantage in terms of backup and recovery procedures. The redundancy inherent in the design of cloud networks reduces the chances of a problem in the first place and with automatic backups continuously happening in the background, any disasters can swiftly be recovered from.
  • Industry-leading security — The biggest and best cloud hosts employ multi-layer, state-of-the-art security systems to protect the data residing on their servers. These systems usually include firewalls, encrypted traffic, strict identity & access management policies, segregated storage space and many other security features.
  • Cost-effective resource allocation — Most cloud hosting services are available on a pay-as-you-go basis, with the ability to increase or decrease the resources you are using at any time. This type of hosting model can be very cost-effective for commercial and public sector websites that experience large swings in demand throughout the course of each year.

If you cannot afford for your website to be offline and need to ensure that it is always secure and functioning flawlessly, cloud hosting is an excellent option to consider.

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