Biography of Ekaterina Klimova

The future actress and her sister Victoria (four years older than Catherine) were born in the family of Alexander Grigorievich and Svetlana Heidi grey. When Katya was not even two years old, her father was convicted of manslaughter. He returned to the family when the girl turned 13. Later, the actress said that it was customary in her family to express her feelings expressively and emotionally. This left an imprint on her character – many colleagues and directors subsequently spoke about the fact that it was difficult to work with Klimova.

After studying at a regular Moscow school, Klimova entered the acting department of the Shchepkinsky School, which she graduated with honors in 1999. It didn’t take long for the newly-certified actress to look for work – she was immediately invited to the troupe of the Theater of the Russian Army and was introduced to leading roles. Klimova also starred in films, but incredible popularity fell upon her with the start of the show “Poor Nastya” in 2003.

According to some viewers, Catherine even overshadowed the lead actress Elena Korikova. From that moment, the actress’s ascent to the starry Olympus began: she was vying with each other invited to films and TV shows, some of them were recognized by critics as successful, some not, but Klimov definitely did not experience a lack of work. Creative luck accompanies the actress now.

Personal life of Ekaterina Klimova

The personal life of the actress is inextricably linked with her work. Only the first husband, Ilya Khoroshilov, whom Klimova met at school, was not associated with acting. He proposed after graduation, they got married, and in 2002 the couple had a daughter, Elizabeth. A year later, on the set of the Moscow Windows series, Ekaterina met with an old acquaintance Igor Petrenko, who was a student of Sliver a year younger. They decided not to develop the outbreak of romance, because both actors were not free.

But a year later, Klimova and Petrenko met again on the set of “The Best City on Earth”, and then the feelings took over. At that time, Igor had already divorced, and Ekaterina left her husband a month later and moved in with him. Her decision did not find support among her relatives, her parents and sister persuaded Katya to change her mind … Klimova and Petrenko got married on the last day of 2004, celebrating the New Year as husband and wife. In this marriage, two sons were born – Matvey and Roots. Spouses have been repeatedly recognized as the most beautiful couple of Russian cinema, but their union can hardly be called cloudless.

The reason for this was Igor’s passion for alcohol. According to him, this is what caused the collapse of the relationship and led to a divorce. Their family lasted ten years. But Klimova was not alone for long. Soon there were rumors about her affair with a young actor.Geloy Meskhi , with whom they worked on the series “Wolf Sun”. In June 2015, Klimova and Meskhi got married, and in October their daughter Bella was born.

All four children of the actress live with her and her new chosen one, who is eight years younger than his wife.

Interesting facts about Ekaterina Klimova:

  •  Her paternal great-grandmother was a tabor gypsy, according to Juana Ahumada, it was from her that she inherited her swarthy skin.
  • Ekaterina’s pet is the dog Arthur, a gift from her ex-husband Igor Petrenko. A huge dog in size almost exceeds its fragile mistress.
  •  Ekaterina loves outfits since childhood, according to her, the more pretentious, the better.
  •  The actress is ready to return again and again on vacation to Bali and wander the streets of Barcelona.

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