12 Best Cloud Gaming Services for Everyone

What is Cloud Gaming?

When a game is launched, game manufacturers publish a list of hardware requirements called ‘minimum system needs’ and’ recommended systems requirements. To run smoothly, the game will require hardware that is at least equal to the minimum requirements. Modern graphics-intensive games require a lot of RAM and graphical capability from your device. To play AAA titles of modern design, you will need expensive hardware. But is there a better alternative?

Yes! Cloud gaming lets you play your favorite games from any device that has an internet connection and has a display. With the best cloud gaming services at your side, your low-end hardware won’t hinder your gaming experience.

What is Cloud Gaming?

Cloud gaming is not magic, no matter how magical it sounds. Cloud gaming is not magic. In the past, DVDs and CDs were the only means to watch movies. The internet wasn’t powerful enough to stream them. The internet speed increased and made it possible to stream popular streaming services such as Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu and many others. You can now stream any movie from streaming services’ servers, even if they are miles away from you.

Cloud gaming services can do the exact same thing, but with your favorite games. Cloud gaming services instead of running the game on your device, they run it on high-end servers with graphical memory. Every frame is streamed to your device and the game responds to you commands. If you have an internet connection, the end-user experience will be very similar to traditional gaming.

What makes Cloud Gaming Services different than Game Servers?

It is common to believe that Cloud Gaming Services and Game Servers are the same thing. Although there are some similarities, the two are fundamentally different. Game Servers are used by game developers to manage users on their platforms. Online multiplayer games need game servers in order to receive and respond to user messages.

Cloud Gaming Services, on the other hand is a consumer-centric service that allows you to stream any game of choice. After paying their subscription fees, Cloud Gaming Services typically offer a variety of games from different categories that you can enjoy.

Cloud Gaming Services: Features

Cloud Gaming offers many advantages over traditional gaming. Cloud gaming has many great features, including:

There is no need to spend a lot on high-end hardware

Cloud gaming services aren’t dependent on high-end hardware. Cloud gaming services allow you to run the most recent games on older devices without spending a penny on hardware upgrades. If you aren’t passionate about gaming but don’t own a high-end device, a cloud gaming service might be the best choice.

You don’t need to download any games

Modern AAA titles don’t need more than a few hundred gigabytes. You will need a lot more bandwidth and storage space to download such large files. To have access to a large library of modern games, you will need to upgrade the storage on your device. Cloud gaming services don’t require you to download any files. You also have the largest game library available, something that is virtually impossible with traditional gaming.

Independence can be found anywhere

Gaming devices are not portable. Even the most portable gaming laptops can’t be used in public places like the subway or waiting rooms. Cloud gaming makes gaming portable and gives you the freedom to play wherever and whenever you want.

All devices can be used to play games

Cloud gaming allows you to play on Android, iPhones and Windows. These services allow cross-platform gaming across devices. The progress is synced across all devices that are logged under the same account. Even if you don’t have a larger screen, you can still play your game on your smartphone.

Cloud gaming services are the future for modern gaming because of the amazing features they offer.

Let’s now take a look at the top cloud gaming services, with all their perks as well as caveats.

NVIDIA GeForce now

The NVIDIA GeoForce Now offers a smooth gaming experience with very little input lag. However, it requires an internet connection to ensure smooth gaming. GeForce Now is not able to purchase individual games like most cloud gaming services.

Only popular game clients such as Epic, Uplay and Steam can be used to integrate your games. GeForce Now might not be able to support certain games from some clients.

GeForce Now allows you to play at 1080p at 60 FPS. However, the games begin with a native resolution of 720p at 60 FPS. GeForce Now supports many hardware types and is available in a variety of versions for Android, iOS and Mac.

Cloud gaming has a very low input lag. This is the best thing about it. Gaming experience is as smooth and seamless as traditional gaming thanks to the lower input lag.

PlayStation Now

If you own a PlayStation, or are a fan of the PlayStation games, the PlayStation Now can be an excellent option. After you have paid for your subscription, the cloud gaming service unlocks a library of more than 800 games. PlayStation Now gives you full control over all titles in their library.

The games can be downloaded and played in a conventional way or streamed using the PS Now servers. The perfect mix of classic titles from the PS2 as well as modern titles from the PS4/5 is what you get with this game.

PS Now has its limitations in cross-platform compatibility, and the lack of recently released games. The cloud gaming service doesn’t support smartphones OS like Android and iOS. It only works on Windows PCs or PlayStation Consoles.

PS Now is still a PlayStation-only and not a fully-fledged cloud gaming platform, even though the library is continually evolving.

Google Stadia

Although the Google Stadia was not a success when it first launched, users have been impressed with its cloud gaming service.

Stadia is compatible with both Android and Windows mobile apps. It can also be used on browsers on other devices such as Mac, Windows, and Linux. Stadia allows you to choose from their library and either rent a month or subscribe to their monthly service that includes hand-picked titles.

Another unique feature is the Stadia controller. The Stadia controller can be paired to an Android device so you can enjoy console-like gaming on the move. Although it can be difficult to set up the controller, the controller is extremely responsive and features-rich.

Stadia’s library includes popular titles such as Assassin’s creed: Valhalla and CyberPunk 2077. Ubisoft’s addon allows you to expand your game collection by adding several Ubisoft titles.


It is wrong to refer to Shadow as a cloud gaming service. Shadow is actually a cloud computing services. Shadow is unlike other cloud gaming services which allocate some of their resources to you when you play a particular game. Shadow uses the entire computer.

A brand new Windows-packed computer is included with RTX graphics and 12 GB RAM. It also has a 1Gbps download speed. You can adjust all system settings as you would on a regular machine on the Windows computer.

Shadow supports all games that run on Windows machines. This is the best thing about Shadow. The streaming quality is amazing and the input lag gives the best user experience. Although Shadow’s monthly subscription costs are a bit more than others, it is still one of the most popular cloud gaming services thanks to its amazing feature set.


Vortex has just been launched in the cloud gaming industry. Vortex doesn’t have the most user-friendly UI, nor do it offer any cool features. However, Vortex offers a decent streaming quality. It has a large game library, despite the low subscription fee. Vortex offers both Android and browser support, while the desktop version has limited functionality.

Vortex’s Android app offers the best gaming experience because you can set up your controls just like an emulator. Frame drops and input lags can be a problem, especially with higher settings. Vortex is an option if you have a tight budget and are happy to play with some stutters, while still paying a lower subscription.

Amazon Luna

Amazon Luna has just been added to the top cloud gaming services. Luna offers a decent gaming experience and a small but rapidly expanding game library.

Luna currently supports web browser-based gaming. However, the Luna controller can greatly increase the feature list. Luna Controller allows you to connect to your devices and provides better control for the player while you play games with Luna.

To reduce latency, and to avoid input lag, the controller connects to a separate Wi Fi connection. The controller can also be used to switch between multiple devices that are part of the cloud gaming service.

Luna offers games such as Ride 4, Wonderful 101: Remastered and Narita Boy. However, you can also add the Ubisoft+ subscription. You will have access to AAA titles such as Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Watch Dogs Legion, Far Cry 5 and many others with the Ubisoft+.


Playkey does not use centralized servers to provide cloud gaming services. Instead, Blockchain technology is used. Playkey is a win-win solution for both cryptocurrency miners as well as gamers. Either let your device mine cryptocurrency as a member of the blockchain network, or you can use the cloud gaming service.

The Nvidia GeForce1080 Ti has 3584 CUDA 11 GB and i7 4 cores. Playkey servers also have 20GB RAM to ensure the best cloud gaming experience. Playkey runs flawlessly on any device with at least 1 GB RAM or a 1.5GHz processor. Playkey currently does not support mobile devices. It only runs on desktop operating system.

Playkey has deals with Bethesda and Ubisoft that allow them to share their libraries with the platform. Playkey allows you to integrate your Steam library and buy a la carte.

Gaming is smooth with very few stutters or input lag. There are multiple game settings, ranging from 720p 30 FPS up to 1080 120 FPS. You will need more bandwidth as the settings get higher. Another great feature is crypto payment, if you are interested in exchanging services with cryptocurrency.


Paperspace , another cloud computing service with gaming as a part of it, is . Paperspace, just like Shadow, assigns you a Windows computer once you have subscribed to a plan. You can then use the remote computer as you wish. Paperspace’s best feature is its ability to select your hardware. You can choose lighter hardware to play lighter games, and vice versa.

Your games will need to be downloaded or integrated using existing game clients such as Epic Games, Steam, and others. This will increase the cost and effort required to play a particular game. Paperspace is best for those who have a large game library. It is cheaper than buying cloud gaming subscriptions.

Paperspace offers a great streaming experience and 4K gaming. Paperspace users also have the option to rent gaming equipment for an hourly, which is a great feature for those who don’t want a monthly subscription.


Blacknut offers a low-cost cloud gaming service that has an easy-to-use interface. To get you used to the application, there is a free two-week trial. Blacknut sells its product as a family-centric enterprise. You will find features such multiple profile support and parental controls.

It can be used on many platforms, including Windows, Mac, Amazon Fire TV and Linux.

Although the platform has 500+ games, some of the most popular are not available. Blacknut is a good platform for basic gaming but it may not be the best if you want to become a professional gamer.


What happens if you don’t want your gaming computer to be used every time you play? Rainway saves your computer by acting as the host and stream your PC games to your smartphone. Rainway is a gamechanger for those who have both a gaming PC with games installed.

The streaming quality is much better than many cloud gaming services with poor hardware backends. The streaming quality is still affected by the internet quality. However, you can enjoy crystal clear frames when the conditions allow.


NetBoom provides a complete cloud gaming experience, including all the major AAA titles for mobile devices. To stream your favorite games, you can use Android, iOS and web browsers. Through their unique interface, the NetBoom gaming interface seamlessly handles PC games via touch input. You can even use the customizable Virtual keyboard while gaming. Popular titles such as GTA V and Far Cry 5 FIFA, Hitman, among others, are part of the constantly expanding game library.

NetBoom’s best feature is its simplicity. NetBoom is easy to use, even for those who are not tech-savvy.

You can enjoy a high quality gaming experience, especially if the internet is fast enough. It is easy to connect peripheral devices such as earphones or controllers from within the application. You can also toggle their settings.


Boosteroid allows you to play a variety of AAA titles from your browser. Boosteroid setup is easy. All you have to do to get started is log in to their site. There is no setup or installation required. You don’t even need to download anything prior to playing. Cloud gaming services are cross-platform and can be used on PCs, Macs, laptops, tablets, as well as other devices via the web browser.

Boosteroid has partnered with Intel, Asus and Nvidia to provide a good gaming experience. With a 15 Mbps connection, you can play high-resolution games (1080p) easily. Its packet handling is the only problem with this platform. Boosteroid works as a browser-based service. It cannot handle packages like a dedicated app, which can lead to frame drops and stutters.

Last Note

Cloud gaming is the future for modern gaming. This article lists the top cloud gaming services with their respective perks and drawbacks. When choosing your next cloud gaming platform, make sure you have a great streaming experience and a large game library. NVIDIA GeForce Now and Shadow are among the top cloud gaming services.

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